Australian Solar Care solar panel cleaning also provides a Bird Proofing System for Residential and Commercial PV systems to stop creatures of all types, gaining access and nesting under your solar panel system.

Our process DOES NOT compromise your solar panel system warranty, unlike many other forms, which are considered ‘unauthorised modifications’ to your solar panel system, so Bird Proofing Systems undertaken by Australian Solar Care maintains your warranty.

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pigeon proofing solar panel systems

It’s not just the noise being made on your rooftop under the solar panels from nesting creatures, but more importantly there are a number of hazards associated with this problem:

Australian Solar Care Bird Proofing solutions are humane and in line with our environmentally friendly approach to solar panel system inspection and cleaning.  Our Bird Proofing system does not require the use of any chemicals or baits as we simply restrict animal access from nesting and venturing under the solar panels and the animals simply relocate to a more natural nesting site.

Bird proofing solar panels
Australian Solar Care solar skirt bird proofing
  • Animal Soiling and Carcasses accumulating under the solar panels;

  • Nesting litter (branches, leaves etc), which can restrict water run-off under the panels;

  • Potential compromise of solar panel string cabling as birds/animals disturb cabling; and

  • Fire Hazard due to a build-up of Nesting litter beneath the solar panels

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Call us today to discuss our Bird Proofing Systems to remove the nesting hazards and regain the peace and quiet you once enjoyed!