What you need to know about caring for your solar panels
Isn't the rain enough to clean my solar panels?

Nature provides for us in may ways, but relying on rain to clean your solar panels is not enough.

Your system needs more of a helping hand to get general pollution, traffic dust, dirt, salt residue, bird droppings and mould off, which may have been dried on hard by the sun.


Without an essential clean of your solar panels, they won't be able to receive the sunlight they need, and will prevent you from fully taking advantage of your investment.

Will Australian Solar Care Western Australia solar panel cleaning affect my solar panels  Warranty?

It will not and will in fact help preserve your warranty, as you are taking care of your system!  Apart from the obvious benefits, you will also get more sunlight in, which means greater potential for power to be generated.

At the very least you will improve the efficiency of your solar panel system to get the most out of your investment.

Click here to read what the Manufacturers recommend.

Will Cleaning affect the water quality of my rainwater tanks?


At Australian Solar Care Western Australia solar panel cleaning, we value your rainwater tanks quality of water, that's why we use a high-tech Ion Exchange Resin Filter in conjunction with its pure water cleaning system equipment.  This ensures that your tank water is 100% chemical free.

Could I clean my solar panels myself?

Our work is specialised using purpose built equipment, following strict Manufacturer recommendations.  Roofs can also be dangerous, so why put yourself in a situation where you could get injured?

Australian Solar Care Western Australia solar panel cleaning, prides itself on having the right training, insurance and specialised equipment to get the job done right and safely.


Australian Solar Care Western Australia Solar Panel Cleaning Is Your Complete Residential & Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning Solution!

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