Solar Panel Manufacturer Recommendations

Tindo Solar:

Just to keep your solar panels as clean as possible and clean them.

ET Solar Energy Limited: 

The team at ET solar recommends cleaning the glass surface of the module with water and a soft sponge.  This will keep the unit working optimally.

Bosch Solar Energy Corp.:

If modules are installed on the roof or any other area at height, they should be cleaned by qualified professionals.  Their performance may go down due to external factors, that's why periodic cleaning is important.



Yingli Solar advises regular cleaning of PV modules to maintain maximum power output, especially in regions with low precipitation.  Over short to long periods of time dust and dirt can build up on the glass surface of the module, lessening its possible power output.



Suntech recommends using water and a soft sponge or cloth for cleaning. A mild, non-abrasive cleaning agent can be used to remove stubborn dirt.  Cleaning in this way can help to keep the unit optimally maintained.


Solar America Board for Codes and Standards (Aug 2013)

"It is important to know and understand the warranty requirements of the specific products used in a PV system.  Not all warranties are created equal.  Warranty requirements not followed, including documenting regular conducted preventative maintenance, can result in a voided warranty.  Typical warranty requirements are strict regarding tasks that must be performed.  However, the tasks are simple and serve to protect the products and ensure greater long-term reliability."


REC Peak Energy Panels:

REC recommends using de-ionized water at ambient temperature.  To help to maintain optimal electrical output, clean the panels when dirt can be seen on the glass surface.  If this cleaning does not occur, it could cause cell shading and further problems with your system.

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